Municipal Park Clubhouse Rules and Regulations

Rules & Regulations Governing the Rental Agreement Use of the Municipal Park Clubhouse

1.) Use of facility shall not extend beyond 1 a.m.
2.) NO ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES may be sold on the premises.
3.) NO ILLEGAL DRUGS are allowed on the premises.
4.) NO GLASS CONTAINERS are allowed on the premises.
5.) Chairs, tables, other furniture and equipment may not be moved from the building, nor may they be loaned or rented for use off the premises in which located.
6.) No nails, tacks or staples shall be allowed in the walls or ceilings. Ceiling decorations may be suspended from the metal ceiling support so long as such decorations do not bend or impose undue strain on the metal supports. No stickers, tape or paints of any kind shall be permitted on the floor and walls. No furniture, fixtures or equipment moved into premises without the approval of the Parks Superintendent.
7.) Police protection by at least 1 off-duty policeman shall be required for all functions after 8 p.m. which are open to the general public. City shall have the right to require such additional security in attendance as the Police Chief may deem necessary. It shall be the responsibility of the lessee to request the assignment of such off-duty officers by request to the Police Chief at least 14 days before the scheduled event. Rate of pay for such officer or officers shall be set by the Chief of Police, subject to approval of the City Manager, and the lessee shall be responsible for the payment of such fees. City may require such police protection 30 minutes immediately before and after such function. Police protection shall not be required for private functions were admission is by invitation only.
8.) City reserves the right to cancel any reservation if any false information has been given in the application or contract or if the city determines that the scheduled function would be detrimental to the operation of the Municipal Park Clubhouse.
9.) The renting party will be responsible for returning the building in the condition which it was found. (Tables and chairs must be put back in the manner in which it was found, if not the damage fee will be kept to cover cost of extra cleaning time to put back tables and chairs).
10.) No one person or organization may reserve the building on more than 6 Fridays and/or Saturdays in any 12 consecutive calendar months.
11.) If an unseen circumstance were to occur, renter will receive total fee for remaining hours not used. Renter must call when incident occurs for us to verify what happened. The number to call is 275.1422. For example, power outage, plumbing problems and etc.
12.) Contract must be completely filled out with all correct information.
13.) The undersigned applicant (and responsible party if different from the applicant) shall be responsible and liable for any and all damages caused to the building or any associated area in and around the building.