Outdoor Recreational Needs Prioritized

Goals: Number 1 long range 1-5 years

  • Handicapped accessible playground
  • Challenger program
  • New playground surface
  • Shade structures at needed locations
  • New park along railroad west downtown (bike trail, walking trail, etc.)
  • Cover over playscapes
  • More picnic facilities where needed
  • Irrigation on knoll
  • New lighted CYFL field

Goals: Number 2 long range 2 years

  • Refurbish walking trail
  • Dog Park
  • Drinking fountains where needed
  • Signage along walking trail of distance
  • Install disposal bins for pet waste at various locations
  • Wi-Fi accessibility at Community Park
  • Provide adequate parking for all parks and sport facilities
  • Community garden expansion
  • New covered stands at sport facilities
  • Fabricated lakefront (lake refurbishment, dredging, etc.)
  • Landscaping Golf Course
  • Rodeo arena refurbishment
  • Install lighting where needed
  • Acquire property for new Regional Park
  • Archery range